Robbenplaatweg 15A Eemshaven, The Netherlands


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Taxi Eemshaven offers competitively priced transfers to and from Eemshaven. We will not only drive you to train stations, airports and other harbours; but are also happy to take you on a 40-minute drive to nearby Groningen. This Dutch city is bursting with life and fun things to do, including shopping, dining or going out. It will definitely be a welcome change from life at sea. 

Additionally, Taxi Eemshaven is also happy to take you to - or pick you up from - Schiphol Airport. This major airline hub is a 130 minutes’ drive away, after which you will be able to spend your shore leave with your loved ones back home. 

Are you looking for another destination? Look no further, as we are happy to be your preferred ride. Perhaps to Bremen Airport, another European transportation hub that provides both rail and flight connections to all the major cities, both national and international. 

For your trip, you can opt for either a car or a van. A car holds up to 4 passengers, whereas the van can accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers. If needed, we can provide multiple cars or vans if you would like to transport more persons. All cars and vans are chauffeured by experienced and professional drivers. 

Please check out our rates below :

CAR RATES (max. 4 passengers)

Eemshaven - Groningen € 80,-

Groningen - Eemshaven € 80,-

Eemshaven - Schiphol € 260,-

Schiphol - Eemshaven € 260,-

Eemshaven - Bremen € 260,-

Bremen - Eemshaven € 260,-

VAN RATES (max. 8 passengers)

Eemshaven - Groningen € 90,-

Groningen - Eemshaven € 90,-

Eemshaven - Schiphol € 275,-

Schiphol - Eemshaven € 275,-

Eemshaven - Bremen € 275,-

Bremen - Eemshaven275,-
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