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Is it for a crew change, sea trials, port change or immigration? Shore leave, a trip to the lively city of Groningen, or a transfer to Schiphol or Bremen Airport? After spending some weeks or months at sea, you will be looking for a hassle-free ride from Eemshaven to wherever you are headed.

Meet Taxi Eemshaven. We speak the Maritime language and are available to take you to a great night out or shopping spree in Groningen. Or perhaps help you on your way home for shore leave, to spend some much needed time off with friends and family.


Eemshaven has been growing at an incredible rate in recent years. This is projected to persist in years to come.

Therefore, the need for affordable and high-quality transport will be ever present. Taxi Eemshaven knows this market and area through and through, as a result of which we are able to provide you with the requested service. We can help you through a crew change, sea trials, port change or immigration. Or perhaps just take you to a much needed night out in Groningen.

Taxi Eemshaven is a reliable taxi service for you, your crew and your clients. We aim to be a long-term partner, providing swift and smooth rides to and from Eemshaven.

Most of our customers are interested in the routes Eemshaven – Groningen and Eemshaven – Schiphol. Groningen is a city that provides plenty of entertainment and shopping opportunities. Schiphol is the exceptionally well-connected hub for international flights. However, we’d be happy to provide pick-ups and drop-offs from anywhere you’d like. Bremen City Airport, Den Helder Airport and Hamburg Airport also feature on our list of regular destinations!
Besides the Eemshaven port, we provide port change taxi services and crew transfers to and from Wilhelmshaven, Norddeich, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Rostock, Rotterdam, Vlissingen, IJmuiden, Oostende and Antwerpen.

Check out our rates to discover our highly competitive offers!

These are fixed rates, so there will be no surprises afterwards. We will take you, your crew, employees and clients to and from train stations, airports, customs, shopping areas, hotels, restaurants, and other harbours. Taxi Eemshaven is looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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